What We Do




Purpose of the DEC Trust

In a time of exponential growth in computing and digital technologies and industries, we believe that there is value in facilitating an exchange of knowledge across a diverse range of business platforms, academic institutions and society at large.

In January 2015, The Guardian newspaper reminded us that ‘teenagers know more than the teachers about computer science’; whilst at the same time pockets of our aging population are unable to exploit digital communication to alleviate their increasing sense of loneliness.

We want to ensure that Southend-on-Sea, as a major area for business growth, leads the way in this activity.

Reflecting on this and the opportunity for growth, a group of philanthropic  people set-up the DEC Trust to act as a catalyst for change.

What do we want to achieve?

  • The success of our work will be an evolving and expanding presence in Southend of digital technologies.
  • We want to have a vibrant online network to share our learning and resources across the digital domain
  • A programme of events to bring together a range of interested parties to explore how we can promote and grow digital industries and technologies in the area.
  • To attract funding into the area for wider social, economic and cultural benefit of the local community.
  • Ultimately we have a vision of a facility that will provide studio workspace, experimental media labs, vibrant meeting facilities with exhibition spaces, conferences, presentations, functions, and café, all uniting the value of face-to-face contact in a virtual world.

The Digital Exploration Trust is a Registered Charity

  • A charity aiming to bring together business, entrepreneurship, the arts, academic research and public entertainment – all focused on exploring opportunities for cultural, social and economic development in the local area that stem from digital technology.
  • Pursuing this through funded projects and strategic partnerships.
  • Projects have included developing educational opportunities with schools around computing, digital housing hub programme with social housing partners, and sustainable transport mapping.